Purell Surface Disinfectant 32oz

Purell Surface Disinfectant 32oz

SKU: GOJ-3340-12




Purell healthcare surface disinfectant. 32 fl oz spray bottle, capped & sealed w/ trigger. Revolutionary formulation is designed to accelerate the germ killing power of alcohol, without the use of harsh chemicals. Eliminates 27 organisms, including 30-second disinfection of MRSA, VRE, and Norovirus. No hand washing required after use. No rinse required on food contact surfaces. Effective on most hard and soft surfaces including: plastics, metals, granite, sealed wood, porcelain, laminate.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: *** Due To The On-Going COVID19 Pandemic, All Sales Are Final. Items May Not Be Returned So That We Can Protect The Health And Safety Of Our Employees and Customers.***

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