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PepperBall 20 Pack of Inert Rounds for LifeLite and TCP


20 inert PepperBall rounds to help familiarize yourself with TCP and LifeLite operation.

No one should be limited by fear. Whether you are preoccupied about personal safety or worried about the consequences of defending yourself, these concerns alone can rob you of the life you deserve. At PepperBall, we believe you can regain control of your surroundings, so you can live life on your own terms. 

LifeLite protects your home and the people in it with potent non-lethal protection, stored right where you need it with the help of the wall mount. 


  • Mimics live rounds
  • Purple color makes projectiles distinguishable from live rounds


  • Four 5-round tubes of Inert PepperBalls

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