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RX ONLY New Image CeraPlus Cut-to-Fit Convex Skin Barrier, 57mm Flange, Up to 38mm, 5/BX-Sold by Box - 11403


Hollister CeraPlus Cut-to-Fit Convex Skin Barrier with Tape 1-1/2" Stoma Size, Red Color Code, 2-1/4" Flange Size, Use with New Image® 2-Piece Pouching System

The CeraPlus skin barrier is part of the New Image® product family. Depending on the type of stoma output, use the CeraPlus skin barrier with a drainable, closed pouch or an urostomy pouch.

Infused with ceramide to help protect the skin's natural moisture barrier.
Maintains good peristomal skin health.
Decreases transepidermal water loss (TEWL) from damaged or eroded skin, including skin damaged by adhesive stripping.
Color-coded packaging.
Tapered skin barrier edge.
Pouch locking system.
Ultra-thin skin barrier construction.
Recommended for home use.
Floating flange.
Non-woven skin barrier backing.
Recommended for post operative use.
Bathing/Swimming allowable.