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RX ONLY OxyGo Fit Portable Oxygen Concentrator

SKU 1400-2000-8

The all-new OxyGo FIT is the perfect all-day oxygen solution for on-the-go individuals. This amazingly small and lightweight portable concentrator delivers the independence that active oxygen patients desire.

Equipped with 3 flow settings to meet your individual needs, the OxyGo FIT is the ultimate freedom companion. With up to 5 hours of battery life*, the OxyGo FIT is truly about life on the go. Weighing less than 3 lbs, you can put it over your shoulder, carry it in your purse, or even wear it on your belt!

Three power sources mean your never without your O2. The included AC Power Supply and DC Power Supply make charging a breeze. Optional extended battery doubles your power for those on the go.

Now - imagine being able to leave your house in the morning, and not having to return until night, without fear of ever being deprived your oxygen. No tanks, no hassle, just fun!

Give us a call today to see if the OxyGo FIT is a good "fit" for your active lifestyle!