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circaid juxtacures lower leg ulcer recovery system - an alternative to bandaging - is an instantly adjustable system for the treatment of venous stasis ulcers. It is easy to use and comfortable to wear, and is designed to be effective for 6 months of daily use. Juxtacures has a built-in pressure system guide that helps ensure that correct and consistent pressure (20-30, 30-40, 40-50, or 50+ mmHg) is applied to the lower leg. The Built-In-Pressure System (BPS) guide card can also promote self-management by helping the patient to check the pressure level during the day. The circaid juxtacures can be re-adjusted as required to maintain the pressure - you can't do that with bandages!


Custom built for a perfect fit on a vast majority of leg shapes
Lightweight, breathable and slim-line
Improved healing rates
Suitable for all venous leg ulcers
Guaranteed for six months of daily use
Allows use of normal footwear and wide range of motion at the ankle