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Taser Pulse + Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) Sticky Holster


Carry your TASER Pulse or Pulse+ easily in your waistband or pocket with this Sticky Holster. The lightweight and flexible material allows for safe and comfortable travel with your device, no belt needed. 


  • Modular system that can be used in the waistband, pocket, on the ankle, and more! The outside skin is a super non-slip material that adheres to just about anything with a little pressure.
  • The Sticky Holster can be used in sweatpants, yoga pants, jeans, and everything without a belt - your Pulse will always stay right in place wherever you put it!
  • No cumbersome clips or loops to secure it in place, as the outer “sticky” skin is specially created to adhere to your waistband, undergarments, or your skin.
  • As long as your pants stay on, the holster will keep your pulse in place for easy access if needed - or drop it in your pocket for added security.