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Sitz Bath - C1104


Toilet Sitz Bath has Molded plastic design for standard Commode. This Toilet sitz bath tub Used for the treatment of hemorrhoids and other anal-genital problems. This Hip Bath Tub comes with a cleaning tube and a convenient on and off control clip. Life’s journey is amazing and our bodies endure a lot of wear, tear and transition along the way. The toilet sitz bath is strong and easy to clean.

The bag includes solution/water measurements and Sitz Bathtub Use and Treatment Instructions. It features vents in the bowl to help prevent accidental overflow. The Sitz Bathtub is ideal for providing relief for post-episiotomy patients. Sitz Bathtub is an affordable, at-home option to relieve pain, itching, and discomfort in the perineal, anal, or genital area.