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Fiber Heel Protectors - D6000


Essential Medical Fiber Filled Heel Protectors designed to protect against bed sores. Heel Protectors shoes come with a comfortable pillow for your feet that cushions heel to help prevent skin irritation. Protectors come with adjustable hook and loop strap to contour to foot and unique zippered carry pouch for easy transport. One size can fit most sizes of the heel.

These heel protector shoes help prevent heel pressure ulcers and injuries. They are ideal for patients at risk of developing pressure ulcers in care homes, nursing homes and hospitals. the pressure on the heel area, along with high sided bootee wall to protect the ankles for coming in contact with each other.

Essential Fiber Filled Heel Protectors Features:
Cushions heels to protect against bed sores
Unique zippered carrying package
Adjustable strap so one size fits most