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DryPro Full Arm Large - FA-18


Completely waterproof patented protection for above-the-elbow casts and wounds. Comes with pump to create a vacuum-seal. Once air is removed, drypro can't be taken off unintentionally and water can't get inside. Bathe, shower or swim without worry of infection or damage to your cast or other arm wound. GUIDELINES: 1) It is IMPORTANT to follow sizing instructions. The vacuum seal will not work unless the opening of the cover fits tightly around the skin above the cast. If the vacuum seal cannot be created and maintained, the product is most likely too big and should not be used in water. 2) If the cover is fitting tightly around the user's skin but is too long, simply bunch up the extra material and pump out all the air. The extra latex will shrink down and conform to the shape of the users limb, removing all extra length. 3) If the opening is too tight to slide over the cast, put either a tube sock or panty hose over the cast before you put the cover on. This will allow the cover to slide over the cast more easily. If there is too much discomfort on the arm when using the cast cover, trim the opening of the cover by 1/8th of an inch at a time. This will relieve pressure and create a custom-fitting protector for the user. Typically Worn up to the Shoulder