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Everyday Essentials Deluxe Transfer Belt - L2020


Essential Medical Deluxe Transfer Gait Belt is the high quality, multi-function strap that you are looking for. This gait belt designed for users that are having trouble ambulating The heavy duty belts feature extra padding for user comfort along with a plastic buckle. Patient transfer belts help with the transferring of patients or loved ones from hospital beds and other furniture.

Each heavy-duty nylon strap comes with 4 webbed hand grips that give users full control of the patient during transfer. Patient transfer belts are 56 inches long and 5-1/2 inch width. A gait belts made of a heavy duty cotton blend to provide a secure handhold for therapists.

Patient transfer belts feature a quick-release nylon buckle that aids in the easy removal and reuse of the belt. This product can be worn by the caregiver for immediate use when needed.

Transfer Gait Belt Features:
These heavy duty belts use Padded for Extra Comfort
Has Four (4) Webbed Hand-Grips for Safety
Length: 56- 1/2?
Width : 5- 1/2?