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Everyday Essentials Plastic Handle Button Pull/Zipper

SKU L3022

Essential Button pull and Zipper Pull are assistive devices that make dressing easier for people with arthritis and limited hand movement. They help elderly and disabled users with the process of dressing and increase their independence. Usually buttoning up a dress and pulling up a zip can be troublesome for people who can use only one hand. It can solve this problem with their unique construction which is very easy and intuitive to use.

Essential Plastic Handle button zipper pull is designed for users who need help dressing but have difficulty buttoning holes on the shirt. It consists of specially shaped stainless button hook on one end and a hook on the other. It has wood and plastic options. Plastic Handle Pull has a new contoured design for an easier grip.

Essential Button Zipper Pull Features:
Stainless steel hook at one end for buttons and a coated hook at the other end for zipping
New contoured designs for an easier grip