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LimbKeepers Non-Compression Protective Sleeves - Leg - LKLWL BLACK


The Limbkeepers Non-Compressive Leg Sleeves are protective sleeves that fit the circumference of your legs to protect the skin from being damaged which can easily happen to people with thin skin that tends to happen naturally with age. The skin becomes thin and is prone to bruising and tearing from small impacts such as bumping your leg on a coffee table or cabinet - which can cause a tear and start to bleed.

Made from the same blend of material as the Arm Sleeves and Gloves, the leg covers can keep your most cherished ones from tearing their thin skin or bruising. With time and age comes the debility of skin, and the need to find methods to protect ourselves or those around us becomes a concern when something as small as a bump on the table requires the first aid kit to be pulled out.

The Limbkeepers Leg Sleeve Skin Protector have a couple of benefits apart from just protecting the skin, they can also be used to cover up old tattoos, scars, varicose veins, and any other blemishes you would like to hide. The sleeves are stylish, they can be worn with your regular clothing as part of an outfit - the colorful options are a better look than nude-tone options you may see for similar items on the market.

The sleeves are easy to wash, they do not require special washing and are also made of latex-free material. The anti-microbial treatment will keep the sleeves from becoming a sweaty mess, but will still need to be washed regularly. Protection for those that need it is universal, men and women can both use the protective sleeves apparel to prevent further damage to already wounded areas.