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Adjustable Aluminum Blanket Support - P2400


Essential Medical Adjustable Blanket Lifter or Support for Bed is a lightweight aluminum blanket support frame that features a base that easily inserts between the mattress and box springs. The blanket or linen helps to protect sensitive skin and keeps the blanket weight off from feet. The Blanket Support for bed height adjusts up to 19 inches (48.2 cm) and can be lowered to the mattress top when not in use. This Adjustable Blanket support for bed has the frame that wider up to 20-inches.

A blanket supports lift bar is great supports for people with diabetic neuropathy or other conditions that lead to the development of pressure sores. The Adjustable Blanket Supports lift helps patients who are at risk for toe ulcers or who suffer pain from the constant weight of bed covers.

In addition, Doctors often recommend this for post-surgery recovery. Blanket supports lift also helps those who suffer from painful bunions or sensitive joints and skin. Bed blanket supports cradle also eliminates the pressure of bed coverings.