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circaid undersocks cotton terry are the ideal way to keep the skin around your feet, ankles and lower legs comfortable while using compression accessories. They’re comfy, easy-to-wear health solutions.


Comfort: Undersock liners do not provide added compression themselves, but rather make wearing other compression accessories more comfortable. They keep the stiff materials from digging into sensitive skin around your legs and ankles.
Absorbent: The cotton terry used to make these liners not only keep your legs comfy, but absorb more moisture than other options. This is thanks to the terry weave, which, much like weave used in towels, pulls in and holds more moisture.
Clean: While these socks hold more moisture than other options, some are still designed to be cleaner and more sanitary than other options out there. In fact, these liners are designed to fight bacteria, which reduces odor and chances of infection.
Convenient: Not only do they get the job done right, but these circaid products are also convenient for all types of wear. They’re thin enough to be worn beneath common clothing and compression accessories, and thick enough to provide padding.