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SVAT 12" x 18" Aluminum Video Surveillance Sign REFLECTIVE


This large video surveillance warning sign will not be missed. It measures 1 foot tall by 1.5 feet wide. Even when video cameras are not in use, posting a surveillance warning sign is a simple and effective way to deter criminals by causing them to go in search of an easier target. When cameras are in use it warns all those who enter your property that their every move is being recorded.

You can protect yourself against theft, vandalism and property damage by letting visitors know your home or business is secure. Place signs in highly visible areas, such as the front of your home or business or along a fence to ensure that they are seen as soon as people approach your property. The reflective paint is visible even in the dark and keeps criminals from approaching your home or business at night. UV protection prevents your sign from fading over time. This sign is built for the outdoors with strong, weather resistant aluminum that will help protect your property for years. There are holes in the top and bottom of the sign that can be used to secure it to a fence, building or sign post.


    • Durable Aluminum
    • UV Fade Protection
    • Crime Deterrent
    • Reflective Surface


    • SVAT 12" x 18" Reflective Aluminum Video Surveillance Security Warning Sign


    • Limited quantities available at this blowout price. Please call for available quantities and the “take all” price.

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