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Streetwise Venture Bulletproof Sling Pack


The Streetwise Venture Bulletproof Sling Pack protects you with the bulletproof plate shown in this video.

Don’t venture out without the protection of the Streetwise Venture Bulletproof Sling Pack. This gadget-friendly sling pack features one open compartment as well as two zippered compartments and a silicone phone/gadget holder. The padded, adjustable shoulder strap provides ultimate comfort and flexibility when you’re on the go. Most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing that it will protect you from nearly all handgun rounds (including a 44 Magnum) as well as sharp or pointed weapons.


    • Level 3A bulletproof rating from the NIJ (National Institute of Justice)

    • Capable of stopping nearly all handgun rounds (even 9mm and .44 Magnum!)

    • The highest level of protection currently available for lightweight (soft) armor

    • Main zipper compartment is large enough to hold a standard size iPad

    • Open pocket (7.25" x 10.75") and a smaller zippered pocket (8" x 9.25")

    • Colorful silicone phone holder measures 5.9" x 2.7" x 0.31"

    • Padded adjustable strap

    • Weighs only 1.15 lbs.

    • One Year Warranty


    • Streetwise Venture Bulletproof Sling Pack

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