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Super Big Foot Standing Cane Tip - Pink - T20010P


The Super BigFoot Standing Cane Tip allows any cane to stand on its own in style. The six “foot” walking cane tip will keep your cane where you leave it eliminating the fear of it falling down or you lose it.

But don’t worry about losing functionality as the will flex when you walk allowing you to stay mobile. Dress up your cane in style with two color options: black and pink cane tips can be easily added onto any standard aluminum cane with a 3/4? shaft.

BigFoot Standing Walking Cane Tip Features:
Features 6 “feet” that help the cane stand on its own
Tip flexes as you walk for easier use
These Cane Tips Will support up to 250 lbs.
Available in two attractive colors: Pink and Black
Consumer packaging of Canes accessories allow the user to try it on!
Cane tips fits ¾ inch shaft