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Folding Blind Cane - 52" L - W1311


Essential Medical Folding Blind Cane will lock into a 50-inch walking stick with a red metal white tip. It folds into a compact form that is easy to put into bags and purses. Blind person cane features a wrist strap on rubber handle that will make sure the user keeps the cane with them. Folding adjustable cane is made out of lightweight aluminum.

These folding blind canes are great for individuals on the go. Cane is lightweight and folds easily for storage when not in use. The shaft covered in a reflective white and red color able to increase visibility. Folding adjustable cane comes standard with a reinforced nylon tip and wrist strap ensuring the cane is always within reach.

Folding Blind Cane Features:

52-inch long, made out of lightweight aluminum
Red stripe on the bottom with a white tip
The wrist strap on the rubber handle